Exhaust Sets Softbox Airfan Pro 1000m3 / h 200mm soundproofed

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This soundproof ventilation set is the lowest set we could find. Absolutely noiseless thanks to the soundproof box. Because of the higher pressure loss, we recommend this set up to a maximum illuminance of 250 watts.

This exhaust air set includes:
1 x Soft Box Air Box One 1000m3 / h Ø200mm
1 x Carbon Active Home Line 1000m3 / h Ø200mm (standard filter - can be exchanged either)
3 x hose brews up to 325mm
5 meters soundproofed hose Sonoconnect 250mm
2 meters cable 1 plug

The following filters are available:
- Carbon Active Granules 1000m3 / h Ø200mm
- Rhino Pro filter 1050m3 / h Ø250mm (with reduction)

Our ventilation sets can be assembled without knowledge and in a short time. The components in our ventilation sets are durable and very reasonably priced!