AutoPot 4er set with 45L tank

Brand: Autopot Systems

Product Code: 1001786

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The AutoPot 1Pot-Set of 4 consists of a water tank, four individual flower pots with 15 liters volume and an associated automatic irrigation system that comes without electricity and pump.
You will receive this set as a kit, but it can be easily and quickly assembled within 5 minutes by hand.
The large flower pot is wonderful for a large plant (for example, a tomato), or for many small (for example, blade salads) or to the cultivation of plants.
About the water distributor AquaValve the plants are permanently supplied with a species EBBe and flood system with sufficient water.
This supply works only and alone due to the water pressure, which arises when the water tank is at least 15 cm upset above the 1pot module

Worldwide, this system is very popular in employment garden construction as well as hobby gardeners, because it is very economical, because AutoPot 1pot module saves water and electricity and is thus very environmentally friendly.
Once built it can be used for years. Only the wearing parts such as the mulch fleece and the root lock must be replaced once a year.
With the help of the AutoPot 1pot module extension set, any number of modules can be supplemented.
Ideal addume:
- Minimum: 60 x 80 cm
- Maximum: 1 x1 m