Biogarten solbac liquid 1 l

Brand: Andermatt Biogarten

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Against masquests, mosquitoes

Vegetable young plants, ornamental plants, spice herbs, rainwater tons, gull holes, ponds
Mode of action

Solbac contains spores and toxins from Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis (B.T.I). During the food intake of the larvae, the active ingredients enter the intestine and prevent nutrient recording. B.T.I acts specifically on mosquito larvae (mourning mosquitoes, mosquitoes, skid and related species). Other organisms in the soil or water are not damaged. At temperatures above 25 ° C, Solbac is better than Traunem nematodes. The cultures to be treated must be poured with enough water.

Mourning mosquitoes depending on infestation, 5-7.5 ml / m²
Mosquitoes 3-24ml / 100 m² water surface

For strong infestation, we recommend the additional, combined use of Traunem nematodes.