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The safer exhaust air system with double activated carbon filter.
This exhaust air system with a quiet, smooth and power-saving EC fan can be operated with a filter or 2 filter twice.

The system allows the user to place the ventilation components externally to the batch system to create more space.
Also, it is possible for the user to install the unit in a different room and to suck the air to be filtered with a ventilation hose from the adjunctive room.
Due to the enormous pressure build-up of the fan (1200 Pa), the system with the acivary filter 30% more air promotes air than conventional fans on the market.
Therefore, a second activated carbon filter can be installed without concern.
These protected those protected against unwanted odors, if e.g. The humidity prevents correct adsorbing, which overwhelmed PPM load in the exhaust air in recent weeks, or when the first filter has reached its life.
It is recommended that a granules filter be selected as the first stage and the standard filter is used with the activated cabbage mats in the unit.
An optimized filtration is ensured because the granules filter has a high instant breakthrough due to its construction, which is usually over 10% and has a high coal dust development. Thus, the exhaust air can not be used for CoolTube ventilation.
The activated carbon filter has an immediate breakdown below 1% and ensures that the exhaust air is purely in molecules as well as coal dust, since the activated carbon filter does not generate any coal dust. Due to the service door on the unit, the user can detect when the first filter allows the smell to be filtered. The second activated carbon filter must be changed only when the first is replaced by the second time.

If worked in the breeding system with air-cooled reflectors, these can be vented with the same system thanks to the high pressure of the fan and the dust-free air.
It eliminates the extra costs for the second ventilation system and the noise level is considerably smaller.

The control of the EC fan takes place via a simple coal potentiometer which controls the current of 0-10V and controls the fan. This technology does not cause a hum and the fan still has a considerable pressure at low speed. All common controls such as temperature and moisture are also available for the EC fans.

Scope of delivery and performance:

1x Carbon Active EC Inline Filter Unit
Rated voltage 230 V
1x External Speed ​​Controller

1x Ca HL Granulate Filter
100% Coco carbon