Dark Room 600L - Mammoth

Brand: Penvc

Product Code: 100037

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The Mamoth consists of solid aluminum round profiles, which are assembled into a frame by means of connectors.
The upper frame provides mounting options for all accessories and can be loaded up to 120 kg.
The very robust tent consists of tear-resistant, 100% light and air-impermeable material. The inside of the Mamoth is silver and offers a high degree of reflection of approx. (+ 98%).
As a filter holder, two ribbons are used with Velcro. A waterproof insert floor is included. In the lower part there are air intakes, in the upper part two round inlays are incorporated with 315mm diameter.

In conjunction with a exhaust fan and an activated carbon filter, the inside of the ceiling is mounted, a vacuum effect that reliably prevents smell and provides air circulation.
Recommended lighting: 12 x 400 watts or 8 x 600 watts HPS ..
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