Dark Room INT600

Brand: Penvc

Product Code: 1001690

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The very robust tent consists of rice-resistant, 100% light and air-impermeable material.
The inside of the intense is coated with a reflective film and offers the highest level of reflection of approx. 95%.

Facilities include a waterproof shelf.

In the lower part of the box there are air intakes, which can be opened as desired. In addition, several round airlines are located in the lower part for a fan. The supply nozzles can be closed with a tape. In the upper part several round outlet nozzles are incorporated.


High light density (Level III)
Mylar coating with high reflectance of 95%
Corners of stainless steel with double closing mechanism
Ramen made of aluminum
Carries up to 75kg accessories in the center
Robust and washable fabric (600d)
Solid, thicker and waterproof floor (up to 3000l of water)
Construction: One hour (INT600) only tent.


Ventilation outlets: 4 x 350mm
Ventilation Ingestions: 4 x 350mm
Cooltube openings: 4 x 200mm
Cable diagrams: 12 x 100mm