Eazy Grow Block Carton 160 pcs.

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The Eazy Grow Block is an organic cultivated block that can be implemented in the Easy Plug-rooted plants. In addition to all advantages of Eazy Plug, it offers a more extensive regulation of nutrients. The result is the formation of strong, pronounced and fast-growing roots. Eazy Block is characterized by the fact that it has no plastic sheath and therefore a so-called "air circumcision" of the roots takes place. This has the consequence that a dense and well-branched root is formed. The Eazy Block with the 3.8cm hole is specifically suitable for inserting the 4x4cm plugs of EazyPlug and Grodan.

The Eazy Block®Stimulates the root growth and ensures uniform growth of the plant thanks to the previously determined and stored pH and EC values, combined with its excellent water-storing properties. Eazy block up to the point where the water is removed independently. Immerse the block or pour this plenty with water. Expressing or drying of the block is not required because the EAZY block is self-regulating and accurately stores the required amount of water to ensure an optimal air-water ratio. A wet Eazy Block feels heavier than a rockwoll block. That's normal. An Eazy Plug Connector fits exactly in the Easy Block. The Eazy Block is provided with a basic fertilizer. The Eazy Block is provided with a basic fertilizer. It has an optimal water-air ratio. If an excess of water can run, it ensures the right amount of water. The Eazy Block always stores water, simple and uncomplicated. And even after a complete dehydration! PH-Neutral 5.5 - 6.0 contains basic fertilizer optimal water-air ratio good recoverability 160 pcs. In a box.

Our tip: The seedlings even cast by hand until they have wellwood the block well. Only then start the irrigation system.