Exhal CO2 BAG


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Exhal CO2 BAG

With the exhal CO2 BAG, carbon dioxide is produced without additional bottles or production units. A cheap and ecological solution for everyone!

There is nothing more to do than hang the exhal CO2 bag in the room and to have the magic of nature do their work :)

Your plants benefit from additional carbon dioxide, their photosynthesis skills improve. This makes them larger and achieve higher yields. Therefore, a carbon dioxide with the exhal CO2 BAG is a wonderful way to ensure this continuously and naturally.

The secret of the exhal CO2 BAG is in the mycelium mass, which is located in the cultivator bag. This produces carbon dioxide in a very natural way. And because the carbon dioxide is heavier than air, it sinks down to your plants. You supply it there with the CO2 you need.


The exhal CO2 bag is intended for small to medium rooms. An exhal CO2 bag ranges for approx. 4-6 plants over a period of approximately 6 months.

In the bag there are substrate and myzel. The color of the bags can differ due to the natural origin of the product and sometimes be brown or white. Carbon dioxide is produced regardless of the color of the bag content.

By the way: Not only the production of carbon dioxide is ecologically, the bag itself is also 100% recyclable and also protects the environment.


The exhal CO2 bag must not be opened. This could result in contamination of the mycelium mass and impair the CO2 production!