Bilberry 3Spec 340W LED

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With Bilberry is finally a reliable European supplier in the market, which also holds what he promises. The luminaires are highly located at the highest level, without being much more expensive than a distant road lamp. All Bilberry fittings are available in both 220 and 400 V. Control is via a Bluetooth connection. The only manufacturer offers this LED various selectable spectra, dimmability and Europe-wide service.

Spectrum 3Style TM

Medical cannabis is usually grown indescent to ensure a constant vial content. Taking into account technology requirements, the choice of lighting is essential because they determine operating costs, plant chemical composition and thus the price and quality of the product. Based on scientific findings, Bilberry's biotechnologies have developed three different spectra, which offer optimal conditions for cannabis cultivation in each phase.

Vegetative phase

For the vegetative growth phase, specially white light spectrum was selected with appropriate ratio of blue to red light, resulting in compactness, good root development and optimal photosynthetic processes without side effects like excessively long internoodes education. It is recommended to use this spectrum throughout the vegetation.

Generative phase

In order to induce the generative phase (flower), another spectrum should be applied. The activation and regulation of key processes associated with plant growth are induced by subtle changes in the spectrum. This contains this spectrum an increased proportion of red light accelerating the flowering of the plants. It is recommended to use this spectrum at the end of the vegetative phase and throughout the generative phase.

Booker Booster

When using light, the concentrations of terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) are determined. It has been found that plants grown with additional UV radiation had increased THC concentration. Therefore, during the third pierced phase, the spectrum is supplemented with UV light in order to increase the secondary synthesis, which promotes metabolic products such as cannabinoids. This spectrum is used a few days before the harvest. It is particularly important to use this spectrum during the vegetative phase, as this can lead to stress conditions. Warning: UV radiation is very dangerous for eyes and skin, please wear protective clothing if you work near this fittingN and the booster is running.

The device is controlled via Bluetooth.

It can be set:

-A and turn off time.

Light thickness of 15 - 100%

- 3 pre-programmed light spectra for all cycles.

Dimensions: 100 x 110 x 97 mm

Installation: hanger for a 40 x 40 profile or chopping.
housing: Extruded Aluminum Profiles, Powder Coated
Diffuser: hardened glass


Power: 340 watt dimmable Via Bluetooth

Min.Power Factor: 0.98
Power Supply: 220 Vac 50 Hz
Protection class: I.

Optical data:

Light distribution: Otationally Symmetrical

Dimmable: 15-100%

Luminous Flux: 1440/860 Umol / S

Ingress Protection Code: IP65

Warranty: Luminaire and Light Sources - 5 Years, Power Supply - 5 Years
Operating Temperature Range: -40 ... + 60

Applications: Greenhouse Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Lab and Research.

Type: grow.h.cn3lv.0.b