IWS 48 POT system

Brand: Nutriculture Ltd

Product Code: 1001748

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Each irrigation process is supplied with the entire root system with fresh oxygen and thanks to the recycling functionality, significant amounts of fertilizer are saved.
Thanks to the flat and flexible design, IWS can be operated in almost any environment. Already existing IWS irrigation systems can be extended.

The 48 Pot Pro System has thicker 1 "hoses and stronger pumps than the standard models. This almost halves the wear time and it can be supplied with the corresponding kit and 1000l tank up to 96 pots.

The systems are supplied complete, including tank and control unit.

Spare parts for each element are available.

Scope of delivery:

- 1000 liters tank & pumps
- "Brain" tank with timer and control
-48 pots with underpass
-6 L-pieces & 45 tees
-48 sealing flanges
-60 meters 1 "hose

The transport takes place on two EU pallets.

There are also great systems feasible, if you are interested in a system from 98 pots we ask you to contact us.
We supply locally if desired.