Complete set Homebox Q100 Pro 600 / 400W

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Complete set Homebox Q100 Pro 600 / 400W


Our professional set includes everything you need to start. These complete growth boxes are well thought out and all components are ideally matched. We consciously kept our complete Growboxes slimly by integrating only the breeding box, the complete light and complete ventilation into our complete systems. Thus, it is left to each big itself which pots, in which size, with which medium or with which fertilizer he wants to use. If you have any questions about these topics then contact us quietly. We are happy to help.

However, as each place is climatically different from the other, you have the opportunity to swap the ventilation components with your complete system. You have the choice between a larger exhaust system, a possible soundproofed exhaust system or you have the possibility to select a different filter.



  • HomeBox 100 Growbox (100 x 100 x 200)
  • Lumatek 600 / 400W Digital Ballast (SwitchBar)
  • Adjust a wing med.
  • Illuminant Sylvania 600W
  • Support fan Systemair RVK 125 L1
  • Activated Carbon Filter Prima Climate Filter 360m3 / h
  • GSE Temp. Minspeed Controller
  • 10m Sonoconnect 125mm
  • Mechanical timer
  • Thermo / Hygrometer
  • Lamp suspension Carbo Air Professional 64kg
  • 3x hose brid
  • Clip fan (2 steps)



  • Growpro 400 Watt LED Bar Instead of Lucilu 600W
  • Silent EC fan instead of SystemAir RVK
  • GSE Timer Box instead of timer DT (digital)



For Grower we recommend a distance of 60 to 70 cm between the plant tips and the lamp. Set the fan to the lamp and not on the plants.