Carbonactive EC PowerBox

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The latest from Carbon Active: The Powerbox.

For easy installation, Carbonactive is installing the proven reverse curved radial fans into a compact metal box.
Thus, the fan can easily be installed in an existing ventilation network and optimized the performance of your waste and airplane.

EC Fentator Exclusive Controller (Order Seperate)
The EC engine technology is now state of the art for fans.

Basically, a standard asynchronous motor (AC motor) differs from an electronically commutated motor (EC motor) by a much better efficiency. This is especially evident in part load operation:

With the AC motor, only the voltage is reduced while the frequency remains the same and the engine goes into the lossy slip operation.
The EC engine with electronic commutation, however, runs synchronously, so no slippage occurs and thus no slip losses occur.

EC fan with ebm-papst engine