OCL Controller DLC-1.1

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The OCL X series has an extremely strong and higher PAR performance than traditional fittings and therefore require a smart controller. Therefore, OCL has developed the smartest illumination control of the world whose operation is still conceivable easily.

In contrast to other brands, the OCL control DLC-1.1 allows a combination of different ballasts. Therefore, it is possible, for example, to connect a 1000 Watt XXL valve of OCL and a 600 Watt fitting to the same control.

Support battery

The OCL control DLC-1.1 for Smart Lighting and CO2 has a built-in clock and a support battery with a 30-year lifetime.

Recording of disturbances to TEMP / RF / CO2 sensors

All sensors (TEMP / RF / CO2) can be calibrated, sensor disorders are recorded and if a connection is not correct, a warning signal is automatically displayed.

Customized setting of the functions "Rise" and "case"

With the function "Rise / Case", the DLC-1.1 simulates natural growth conditions, among which plants can gradually warm up and cool.

Function "Auto Save Temp" and "Shutdown Temp" for high temperatures

The Auto-Save Temp function can capture an excessive increase in indoor temperature and automatically reacts by dimming the connected lamps, reducing or even avoiding environmental stress and damage to the plants.

The additional safety function "Shutdown Temp" switches off the entire lighting in the room if the temperature does not decrease after activating "Auto-Save Temp". This can be caused by a disturbance of the suction system or the air conditioning system.

In this case, the "Shutdown Temp" function must be reset by hand to redirect the system.

Please note that the control is not a substitute for air conditioning, but that it is used primarily for the prevention of damage to the plants with the functions "Auto-Save Temp" and "Shutdown Temp".

CO2 settings

The control of the "CO2-Set PPM" function not only controls the lighting, but also allows control of CO2 generators and cooling CO2 systems.
When using an OCL control DLC1.1, no additional control panel is required.
Aux box done

About the separately ordered "Aux Box", a dehumidifier, additional ventilation or heating can be connected. The "Aux Box" is equipped with a RJ12 UTP port and a 16-A relay for a controlled power supply of 3.5 kW.
Operation with half power (chessboard pattern)

The control now ensures that the lamps are operated alternately with half power (checkerboard patterns). The interfaces "A" and "B" now automatically change every 3 hours. In operation with half force, interface "A" is opened with the active light time transmitter and interface "B" is closed. After 3 hours, interface "A" is closed and interface "B" is opened.

We recommend that the "odd" ballasts connect to interface "A" and the "straight" ballasts at interface "B", with a maximum of 40 ballasts at interface "A" and 40 ballasts at interface "B".

OCL indicator:

• Easy programming
• Easy feeling, easy operation
• Operation with half power
• Temperature monitoring
• Auto-Save Temp / Shutdown Temp
• Custom "Rise" and "case"
• CO2 control
• RF monitoring
• Aux box ready
• Screensaver
• Recording of faults on sensors

Never before was it so easy to produce the right climate for your plants!