RVK KVO 160 m - SystemAir 446 m³ / h

Brand: Systemair

Product Code: 100106

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• Speed ​​controllable by voltage reduction with thyristor or transformer
• Built-in thermocontacts
• low sound level
• Compact construction
• Extensive range of accessories
• Operational and maintenance-free
• Electrical connection over a 1.8 m long executed cable
• Extremely low height

KVO 100-250 fans are equipped with single-sidedly suction radial blasets, forward curved impeller blades and maintenance-free external rotor motors. With all KVO models, the motor fan wheel is mounted on the removable lid to simplify cleaning, as well as maintenance. To protect the engine from overheating, the KVO 100-250 models have built-in thermal accounts, which are automatically reset according to EN 60335-2-80. With the help of the FK connection sleeets, the fans are easy to connect to round tubes and can be installed in each installation position. The lid is insulated with 40 mm mineral wool (40 kg / m3) sound and thermal protection. The switch-on housing is made of galvanized sheet steel.