Trimzilla 18 "Warrior Cutting Sheet

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Trimzilla 18 "Warrior Cut Leave Trimmer

The Trimzilla 18 "Warrior cut flat cutter is built for hard work. Thanks to the filling and spinal technology, the operation is very easy, because the users can drop the cutting material to the top of the device. It then becomes the 1.3 mm stainless steel rust Processed and cut, leaving debris and slide, whereby the waste is drastically reduced. Equipped with unique and advantageous ventilation and debris recovery systems - waste and debris are processed and collected via the lower chamber into the debris recovery system until the desired optimum quality is achieved.

Key features

  • Filling and spill technology.
  • Precision cutting blade 415 mm.
  • Powerful and reliable electric motor.
  • 1.3 mm thick stainless steel for the entire trimmer.
  • 1.3 mm thick stainless steel 304 for the corner, top and blade.
  • Saves hours while trimming.
  • Perfect for larger income.
  • Steel construction.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.