GHE AeroFlo 20

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GHE AeroFlo 20
A Legendary growth and yield are the hallmarks of the systems AeroFlos . Many farmers , researchers and scientists around the world use them and agree that no other system provides the same ratio of growth and robustness of the plants till then . The system AeroFlos oxygenates the nutrient solution and releases oxygen, water and fertilizer in an ideal combination , creating a root zone environment superior to any other, including nature .

For over 15 years NASA scientists use the AeroFlos and Flora- series in their research on plant cultivation in space.

The AeroFlos is a high quality system that allows perfect oxygenation of the nutrient solution and a maximum growth of plants.
It is a quick and convenient culture system that has the double advantage of serving both machine that reproduction by cuttings from production units . Thus allows to avoid the step of transplantation , and trauma associated with this operation , and gain time on the production cycle .

The AeroFlos are modular and flexible. They adapt to any space of culture
AeroFlo 20
AF20 : 20 Pflanzen
L = 110 - B = 67- H = 44 cm
Nutzvolumen : 90 l