Woma1 base fertilizer hydro / coconut 1 4kg

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Woma base fertilizer 1kg

Content: 1 kg

Ratio: 1: 10000 liters (1 kg to 10,000 l). Depending on the phase. Organic mineral basic fertilizer for hydro.

Number 1 is a full basic fertilizer in powder form which is supplemented with the biological additives.

With a bucket 10,000 liters can be made easily. The use of a temperature-compensated EC measuring device is a must have for this fertilizer line. In this way, the fertilization can be accurately guaranteed. As the start value we advise you to start with an EC of 1.3 and to end with an EC of 1.7. In the hydrosystem of WOMA, the pH value must still be adjusted from pH 5.3 to 5.8 (where the pH value is better not too deep).

Due to the ingenious mixing system, the mounting medium can be used several times. The Woma line is easy to handle and cheaper than any other fertilizer.