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Marke: Root Pouch

Root Nurse Eistopf

Root Nurse Ice White Fabric Pots are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic pots and ideal for any style of growing in a user’s hydroponic setup.

Root Nurse Ice Fabric Pots are better at reflecting light in a grow room and help to maintain a lower root zone. These branded fabric pots are made from recycled plastic bottles, are biodegradable, reusable and aids in the development of healthy root growth in plants.

Environmentally Friendly.

Root Nurse is doing its bit for the environment! All Root Nurse Fabric Pots are environmentally and economically friendly. These fabric pots have been manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and fibres. Economically-friendly products contribute to saving the environment by not using harmful materials. All Root Nurse styles are a great eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic pots.

Amazing Structure.

Root Nurse containers have been tried and tested to ensure they are the best that they can be. The lightweight yet durable structure of the fabric container aids in the development of healthy root growth in plants. 

Superior Drainage and Aeration.

The fabric pots from Root Nurse achieve superior drainage and aeration by air pruning the plants’ roots. This allows them to form multi-branched roots, making stronger and more efficient root systems, and alleviating the problem of root-circling, which is often found when using traditional plastic pots. The lightweight fabric material promotes aeration which allows the roots to become stronger, and results in stronger plants, guaranteed! 

Reusable and Biodegradable

Each root pouch is suitable for roughly three years, which means the grower can continue to reuse it! The Fabric pots are also biodegradable. The manufacture of biodegradable products results in far less environmental pollution. When Root Nurse pots break down, they do so into harmless, nontoxic elements.


Root Nurse Ice White Pots are so practical because each style comes in a variety of sizes, and suits almost all types and sizes of plant. The sizes are available from 1 litre, all the way up to 76 litres.

Ideal for any style of growing 

Root Nurse Ice Pots are the number one choice for fabric containers in the hydroponic industry, as well as being an environmentally friendly option, and a great alternative to plastic pots. 


  • White is better at reflecting light
  • Available in sizes from 1L to 76L.
  • Helps to maintain a lower root zone temperature
  • Faster growth
  • Stronger plants
  • Superior drainage and aeration
  • Eliminates root circling
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Root Nurse Weisser Eistopf

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