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Anbaumedien für Cannabispflanzen im Vergleich: Eine Übersicht

Additional cultivation for cannabis plants: an overview

The world of cannabis cultivation is full of options when it comes to the extension. From traditional earth to modern hydroculture systems, there are a variety of media that can be used for the cultivation of cannabis. Each substrate has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice from the cultivation of the right often depends on the individual needs of the breeder, the cultivation method and the environmental conditions. In this article we take a closer look at the various cultivation for cannabis plants and discuss their use as well as advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will present a few product options for every option of the growing plants for cannabis plants.

Earth: The classic among the cultivation for cannabis plants

Earth is probably the most traditional extension of cannabis plants. It is easy to get, inexpensive and contains a variety of nutrients that are required for plant growth. Earth also offers a good buffering compared to pH fluctuations and is ideal for beginners. Here we would like to name some advantages and disadvantages of the earth as the cultivation of cannabis plants:


  • Slightly available and inexpensive
  • Contains natural nutrients
  • Good buffering compared to pH fluctuations
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Can lead to supervision
  • Possibly not sufficiently ventilated
  • Nutrient content can decrease over time

Product recommendation

Biobizz offers a wide range of high -quality products for cannabis growers who are looking for a reliable earth. A popular choice is that Biobizz all mix earth, A strongly fertilized soil mix that offers a complete microactive ecosystem. This earth was developed to create rich ground conditions that ensure lush plant growth all year round. With Biobizz All Mix you can create a perfect environment to make your plants thrive without having to add additional fertilizers.

For those who are looking for a bat-based mix, the earth is Plagron Batmix 50 L An excellent choice. This mixture is particularly advantageous for plants in growth and supplies it with sufficient nutrients for 3-4 weeks without the need for additional growth fertilizer.

Coconut substrate and coconut earth as cultivation for cannabis plants

Coconut substrate is a popular choice for cannabis manufacturers who are looking for a lightweight and well -ventilated medium. It is made from the fibers of the coconut and is a popular alternative to earth. It is light and well ventilated, which promotes root growth. However, coconut does not always contain enough nutrients, so adding fertilizers are often required during the entire growth cycle. 


  • Light and well ventilated
  • Promotes root growth
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable


  • Contains only a few natural nutrients
  • Requires regular addition of fertilizers
  • Can accumulate salts that have to be rinsed

Coconut products as cultivation for cannabis plants

Bio Nova offers with the Cocos slab 15 l A high -quality option for coconut as a cultivation of cannabis plants. These pressed coconut labs can easily be rehydrated and offer a clean and salt -free substrate that is free of earth's pathogenic and contamination. The biodegradable properties make it an environmentally friendly choice for cannabis cultivation.

Another recommended option is the Biobizz Coco · Mix 50l. This substrate is made from coconut fibers, which are washed, dried and shredded in clear water to create a light and airy mix with a low pH of 5 to 6. The Coco · Mix is ​​ideal for all types of plants in hydroculture and can be combined with different nutrients to improve the quality and yield of your plants.

Plagron offers one Coconut soil with perlite on that offers improved air permeability and drainage compared to other substrates. This mixture consists of 70% coconut fibers and 30% perlite and is an excellent choice for cannabis manufacturers who are looking for a well -ventilated medium.

For a practical and high -quality option, UGRO offers Kokos Small 11L at. These pressed coco bricks can simply be watered with water to create high -quality coconut fiber substrate. With a water storage capacity of 910% and a pH value of 5.5-5.6, these bricks offer an optimal environment for the growth of cannabis plants.

Steinwolle underground

Stone wool is an artificial substrate made from melted rock. It is easy, pH-neutral and keeps a lot of moisture, while it allows good ventilation of the roots. Stone wool is particularly suitable for hydroponic systems. It offers a number of advantages for breeders of all levels of experience.


  • Light and well ventilated
  • Holds a lot of moisture
  • Ideal for hydroponic systems


  • Non -biodegradable
  • Can cause skin irritation if not properly handled

Stone wool breeding boxes as cultivation for cannabis plants

Cultilene offers the Breeding block 4 x 4 cm on, which is ideal to pull seedlings. This cube is particularly suitable for beginners and offers a very clean environment for freshly cut cuttings. Another product of culture is that Tray 150, which is also ideal for rearing seedlings. The trays are practically in handling and offer a clean environment for the growth of cuttings.

Another recommendable product is that Grodan Kulturblock "Hugo Block" 15 x 15 cm. This block is characterized by its high storage capacity, uniform and solid structure and strong absorbency. It is ideal for use instead of a pot and enables simple and quick re -moistening after an undesirable drying out.

You can find these products in our online shop in various packaging sizes. Just order as many rearing cubes as you need.

Organic plug -in media

Similar to the stone wool, there is also an organic variant: the organic plug -in media. These consist of a mixture of organic materials such as peat, compost and coconut fibers. They are particularly suitable for growing cuttings and young plants because they offer good moisture storage and ventilation.


  • Good for cuttings and young plants
  • Good moisture storage and ventilation
  • Contains natural nutrients


  • Can be more expensive than other media
  • Possibly not sufficiently ventilated for ripe plants
  • May require additional fertilizers

Product recommendations for organic cutting blocks as growing cemedies for cannabis plants

The recommended products can be found Eazy Grow Block 7.5 x 7.5cm and the Eazy plug (2 x 2cm) tray. The Eazy Grow Block offers an ideal environment for the root growth of plants, whereby the organic composition and the optimized pH and EC values ​​promote healthy development. Thanks to its self-regulating properties, the block ensures an optimal air-water ratio, which leads to strong and rapidly growing roots.

The Eazy plug tray On the other hand, it is specifically aimed at enabling rapid germination of seeds or rapid rooting cuttings. Made from a mixture of peat, coconut fibers, root stimulators and nutrients, it offers simple handling and an optimal environment for the growth of plants.

Another alternative is that Root Riot Traythat represents an environmentally friendly alternative to stone wool cubes. The material can be easily composted and offers an ideal environment for the root growth of seedlings and cuttings.

Now find cultivation for cannabis plants that suit you!

Overall, each type of cultivation must offer its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the right medium depends on various factors such as experience, cultivation method, environmental conditions and personal preferences. By understanding the properties of each substrate, you can choose the best option for your cannabis cultivation.

No matter which variant you choose: At Growbox you get everything you need for the successful rearing of cannabis plants!

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