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Kokoserde als Basis für Cannabisanbau: Eine nachhaltige und effektive Wahl

Coconuts as the basis for cannabis cultivation: a sustainable and effective choice

The cultivation of cannabis is an art for itself and choosing the right substrate plays a crucial role in the thriving of the plants. In recent years, coconut soil has increasingly established itself as a popular alternative to conventional substrates. In this blog post, we will examine why coconut earth is a sustainable and effective basis for cannabis cultivation.

Why coconuts and what exactly is that?

Coconuts, also known as coconut substrate or coconut fiber, is made from the fibers of the coconut shell. After processing, these fibers become a loose, structured material that offers excellent air circulation and water storage. The coconut is a natural, sustainable resource that is characterized by a number of advantages. Let us take a closer look at the advantages of coconut earth as the basis for cannabis plants!

Excellent water storage and drainage

Coconuts can absorb large amounts of water and at the same time keeps them available for the roots of the plants. At the same time, it ensures good drainage, which reduces the risk of overgrading and root rot.

Light structure

Compared to conventional earth, coconut soil is lighter and airier. This promotes improved ventilation of the roots and facilitates the transport of nutrients to the plants.

Neutral pH value

Furthermore, coconuts usually have a neutral pH value, which enables the grower to precisely control and adapt the pH of the soil in order to ensure optimal growth conditions for cannabis plants.


In addition, coconut is a by -product of the coconut industry and thus contributes to reducing waste and using existing resources. The use of coconut earth reduces the need for peat, which is contained in many conventional substrates and is not renewable raw material.

Low susceptibility to diseases and pests

Finally, it should be mentioned that coconut soil is less susceptible to diseases, pests and weed infestation compared to earth. This reduces the risk of problems during cultivation.

Tips for cultivation with coconut earth

Even if coconuts are already well suited for the cultivation of cannabis plants, we would like to give you some tips for using this cultivation in homegrowing. So the cultivation of your cannabis plants becomes a success at home!

  • Water: Since coconut soil stores water well, it is important to adapt the irrigation behavior and ensure that the plants are sufficiently but not excessively irrigated.
  • Nutrient supply: coconut soil contains only a few nutrients, so it is important to regularly supply the plants with a balanced fertilizer that contains all the necessary nutrients. You can find corresponding fertilizer here.
  • PH value control: regularly monitor the pH of the substrate to ensure that it lies in the optimal area for the growth of the plants.
  • Avoid compression: coconut soil can be compressed over time. Loose the substrate regularly to ensure good ventilation of the roots.

The easiest way to do homegrowing is also possible with coconut earth as an overgrowth with one of our complete sets, with which you can easily control lighting, irrigation, air supply and other components and adapt it to the growth phases of the plant.

Coconut soil as an overgrowth - your options at

Would you like to optimize your cannabis cultivation with coconut earth? Then you are exactly right here! At Growbox we offer some variants of high -quality coconut substrates that make your plants bloom. Here we present the various options for coconut soil that you can order directly from us. Regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener or just start cultivation, we have the right coconut for your needs. Let's take a look at which options are available to you and how you can bring your cannabis cultivation to the next level!

Bio Nova Cocos Slab 15 L

The Bio Nova Cocos Slab 15 L is a high -quality coconut fiber plate. This coconut lab is pressed and can be rehydrated by adding 4 liters of water, which creates about 15 liters of coconut substrate.

The product is free of earth pathogenic, smells and other contaminants. It was cleaned in salt -free water to ensure optimal quality. In addition, the coconut lab can be biodegradable, which means that it is environmentally friendly and does not leave any harmful residues.

The Bio Nova Cocos Slab 15 L is an ideal choice for cannabis manufacturers who are looking for a reliable and sustainable substrate to cultivate their plants. With her simple handling and its environmentally friendly nature, it is a practical option for the successful cultivation of cannabis.

Biobizz Coco · Mix 50l

The Biobizz Coco · Mix 50L is a high -quality plant substrate that has proven to be extremely effective. To produce this renowned product, the coconut fiber is first rotted over a certain period of time to make its robust fibers softer. Then they are washed, dried and shredded in clear water to create the light and airy coco · mix with low moisture and a low pH of 5 to 6.

This product is ideal for all types of plants in hydroculture. It can be easily mixed with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh soil mixes like all mix. In combination with other biobizz products such as root · Juice, Bio · Bloom, Top · Max and Bio · Heaven, he significantly promotes the quality and yield of your plants.

The Biobizz Coco · Mix 50l Offers a reliable and efficient solution for growing different plants and helps to make your gardening successful and profitable.

Plagron coconut soil with perlit

The plagron coconut with perlit is a high -quality coconut fiber substrate that, by adding pearlites, offers improved air permeability and drainage compared to other substrates. This special mixture consists of 70% coconut fibers and 30% perlit.

The coconut fibers ensure a good structure and water retention capacity of the substrate, while the addition of perlites increases air permeability and ensures better drainage. This avoids waterlogging and promoting root development.

The Plagron coconut soil with perlit is an ideal choice for the cultivation of different plants because it offers a balanced environment that promotes root growth and health of the plants. With this mixture you can create optimal conditions for your plants and achieve a successful harvest.

Ugro Kokos Small 11L

The UGRO KOKOS Small 11L, also known as Coco Bricks by UGRO, is a pressed, dry substrate that offers a practical solution for growing different plants.

The peculiarity of the UGRO Bricks lies in their handiness. Bought in the form of a block, the substrate is simply poured with water at home. This creates a high -quality, finished substrate that can keep up with the quality of conventional coconut substrates.

This outstanding UGRO product has an impressive water storage capacity of 910%. A block with a weight of 650g results in 11 liter high -quality coconut fiber substrate. It has a pH of 5.5 - 5.6.

With its comfortable handling and its high quality, this is Ugro Kokos Small 11L An excellent choice for cannabis farmers and hobby gardeners who are looking for a reliable and efficient substrate to create optimal conditions for their plants.

Order coconut soil now and make your homegrowing a success!

Overall, Kokoserde offers a number of advantages for cannabis cultivation, including improved water storage, good ventilation of the roots and sustainability. Thanks to the right care and control, cannabis manufacturers can cultivate healthy and profitable plants with coconut soil. If you also want to raise your growing attempt to a new level, Order coconut soil at And experience the advantages of this cultivation itself!

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