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Die Bedeutung von LED-Pflanzenlampen für die Indoor-Aufzucht von Cannabis

The importance of LED plants lamps for indoor rearing of cannabis

The indoor rearing of cannabis is becoming increasingly popular because it enables cultivation in controlled environments. The lighting is a crucial component for the success of this company. In this blog post, we will illuminate the special meaning of LED plants lamps for the indoor rearing of cannabis and introduce you to some suitable products.

Why LED plants lamps

Traditional light sources such as incandescent lamps or fluorescent tubes are increasingly displaced by LED plants lamps. This is due to the numerous advantages that LEDs offer for indoor plant breeding. One of the most important properties is the possibility of optimally tailoring the light spectrum to the needs of the plants. Furthermore, the decision between LED plant lamps and sodium steam lamps (NDL) for the indoor cultivation of cannabis plants has extensive effects on the success of your cultivation. Here are some reasons why LED plants lamps are often regarded as the better option.

Adaptable light spectrum

Modern LED plant lamps offer the option of adapting the light spectrum depending on the growth phase of the plants. This enables precise control of the lighting conditions in order to create optimal conditions for growth, flower and harvest. In contrast, sodium steam lamps have a fixed light spectrum that cannot be changed. This could lead to suboptimal conditions in different phases of plant life. Cannabis plants have different lighting needs during their different growth phases. Therefore, LED plants lamps are clearly superior here due to the better adaptability of the light spectrum.

Energy efficiency of the LED plant lamps

LED plants lamps are known for their high energy efficiency. They generate more light per watt compared to sodium steam lamps. This means that you can achieve a higher light intensity for your plants with LED lamps while the power consumption is reduced at the same time. This leads to lower energy costs in the company. Sodium steam lamps, on the other hand, have higher electricity consumption compared to LED lamps. They also generate more warmth, which means additional loads for climate management in your growing tent. In the worst case, the use of sodium steam lamps can even lead to overheating and damage to your plants.

Optimal heat management with LED plant lamps

LED plants lamps produce less heat than sodium steam lamps. This is particularly important because too high heat development can increase the temperatures in the cultivation tent. With LED plants lamps, it is easier to maintain the optimal temperature for plant growth. Because sodium steam lamps generate considerable warmth, which can require additional cooling measures to prevent overheating the growing tent. This can lead to higher operating costs.


Furthermore, LED plants lamps have a significantly longer lifespan than sodium steam lamps. They can be operated up to 50,000 hours or more, while sodium steam lamps typically have a lifespan of around 10,000 hours. This leads to lower maintenance costs and a longer usage period. Sodium steam lamps tend to fade faster and reduce their light output over time. Therefore, they have to be replaced at shorter intervals.

Space -saving and versatile

LEDs are compact and enable efficient use of space, especially with limited space in indoor grow rooms. In addition, they can easily be arranged in different configurations to ensure even illumination of the plants.

Suitable LED plants lamps at

Choosing the right LED plants lamp is crucial for the success of your indoor recording of cannabis. Here we present four high -quality products that are specially optimized for this purpose.

Bilberry 340W LED - new improved version!

The Bilberry 3SPEC 340W LED is an outstanding option of a reliable European supplier. These lights offer the highest quality at a reasonable price and are characterized by their adaptability. The control takes place either via a Bluetooth connection or the built-in manual controller. A unique feature of this LED is the possibility of choosing between different selectable light spectra, dimmability and Europe -wide service. Bilberry offers three different spectra for growth, flowering and harvest phase. The use of UV light in the harvest phase is precisely controlled by the Bilberry app, which increases the potency of the plants. The lamp can be controlled by app or manually and enables the simulation of sunrise and downfall. The Bilberry app also offers preset "recipes" for various plant requirements, which further simplifies cultivation.

Lumatek Zeus 600W per LED - 2.9 µmol/j

The Lumatek Zeus 600W per LED is a highly specified linear multi-light strip light with a high PPF of 1620 µmol/s and an impressive light output of 2.9 µmol/j. This lamp offers a balanced ratio between light quality and quantity and is ideal for the entire growth cycle. The LEDs create even light distribution and enable individual source lighting for multi -layer cultivation systems. The Zeus can be dimmed for different varieties and growth periods without loss of efficiency. It can be controlled externally with a digital Lumatek lighting control unit. The Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro LED not only offers performance, but also efficiency and flexibility for the indoor cultivation of cannabis.

LED LUCILU Shuttle 6/240W Dimmable silver

The Lucilu Shuttle 6 from Prima climate is a modular LED plant lamp with 240W power. It consists of 6 modules that ensure an optimal distribution of the light spectrum. The modules are individually removable in order to adapt the light output as required. The lamp uses high -quality components from well -known manufacturers such as Osram and Lumileds. With a light efficiency of 2.3 µmol/j and a PPF of 552 µmol/s, it offers excellent performance. The Lucilu Shuttle 6 is dimmable from 10% to 100% and is suitable for all phases of cultivation. The passive cooling system ensures silent operation and durability. The lamp is easy to assemble and offers a uniform light distribution.

Lumatek ATS 300 per range - 2.7 µmol/j

The Lumatek ATS 300 per range is a compact LED light, perfect for an area of ​​1x1m. With an efficiency of up to 2.7 µmol/j and a PPF of 816 µmol/s, this luminaire offers impressive performance. It uses high-quality Lumatek drivers and the latest generation of top-Bin diodes for a balanced full spectrum. The Lumatek ATS 300 Pro Range is equipped with a fan -free design that ensures noiseless operation and durability. The lamp can be controlled externally with a digital Lumatek lighting controller and offers various control options. This compact LED light is ideal for cultivation in limited rooms and offers a high intensity for the entire growth cycle.

More than just LED plants for your success in indoor growing

For a successful indoor grow, you need more than just the right lighting. Our complete growbox systems offer everything you need to breed cannabis plants indoors. Regardless of the available area - be it a compact 60 x 60 cm setup or a generous 240 x 120 cm tent - we have the right solution for you.

The complete sets include:

  • A grow tent
  • Suitable LED plants lamps
  • A exhaust set
  • A rechargeable air fan
  • A timer
  • A thermal hygrometer

The Growbox complete systems offer a selection of tents from renowned manufacturers such as Secret Jardin and HomeBox. We expressly recommend LED plants lamps as lighting. Compared to sodium steam lamps, LED lamps have a much longer service life and cause significantly lower running costs due to more efficient power consumption.

The exhaust sets are precisely tailored to the respective lighting. On request, other fans and filters can also be selected-simply note in the notes when ordering online. The recommended products correspond to our best assessment. An efficient exhaust system is crucial to suck off used air and pull fresh air into the tent due to the resulting negative pressure.

The circulating air fan ensures steady air exchange in the tent, which is important for the health of the plants. Furthermore, the timer is essential to set the exposure time. This eliminates the manual switching on and off of the lamp and you can precisely control the light cycles during the growth and flowering phases.

The thermal hygro meter enables you to simply keep an eye on the climate in your tent. The attached tube for temperature and moisture can be placed in the tent while the display is attached outside. So you can check the values ​​without having to open the tent every time. The optimal humidity and temperature depend on the respective phase of life of your plants. Our complete systems therefore offer a comprehensive solution for a successful indoor growing experience.

With these LED plants lamps to success in growing

The importance of LED plant lamps for indoor breeding of cannabis cannot be emphasized enough. The adaptability of the light spectrum, energy efficiency, durability and versatility make you an indispensable component for every serious indoor gardener. By using modern LED technology, growers can not only improve the quality of their harvest, but also implement more sustainable and efficient cultivation methods.

Order suitable LED plants lamps or when you are just starting your growing tests, a complete set at!

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