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With Dutch Formula you give your plants exactly what they need in different phases of their growth.

Economical and effective

The three consented nutrients are the perfect "force food" for sensational crops of the highest quality. The combination of these three components offers their plants all necessary elements, which makes expensive additional fertilizers superfluous.

Simple application

If you follow the significant instructions on the label, you will achieve excellent results. You will quickly develop a sense of which combination and concentration (EC / ppm) of the three components of Dutch Formula is particularly suitable for you.

All systems, all substrates

Dutch Formula is not only suitable for hydroculture, but can be used for each substrate. All gardener, including gardener cultivating on coccup substrate or in Earth *, achieves a significant increase in crop yield with Dutch Formula.

Gardeners cultivating in Earth should reduce the concentration by about about half.

The 3 components Grow, Bloom and Micro are always used together. From the Bloom it takes the double amount.