Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom

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Iguana Juice Bloom is exactly what you always wished: a 100% biological, 100% water-soluble liquid floral fertilizer.
Iguana Juice accelerates cell growth directly and achieves so extraordinary crop yields

In combination with Iguana Juice Grow, very amazing, full biological plants could be bred whose crop results are almost comparable to those after use of Sensi Pro, the legendary, synthetic-organic all-in-one fertilizer package. And as our researchers compared the iguana crop with the harvest after applying other, popular fertilizers, Iguana Juice achieved a significantly better yield and taste and greater quality.

Iguana Juice provides optimal, rich fruit approach, promotes strong flower and bud formation, produces shorter internodes and a fresh fragrance that can only provide organic goods. Iguana Juice contains nutrient-rich extracts of fish from the ice-cold and still original North Pacific and over 70 other minerals, criblex tract, YuccaExtrakt, rainwormex crements, sea quele-guano, bat-guano and alfalfa extract.