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Sensi Coco Bloom A & B per 1L was specially designed for coconut substrates so you can achieve the best results.
We recommend you to always use A & B equally
Sensi Bloom is the hobby horse in the basic fertilizers of Advanced Nutrients.
Simply in handling with ingredients of the highest quality. This is also the reason why Sensi Bloom is slightly more expensive in purchasing than other fertilizer.
However, Sensi Bloom is very economical in use:
For plug-in or seedling we recommend a maximum dosage of 1ml / l!
Sensi Bloom can be increased continuously throughout the cycle. However, we always recommend to stay below the maximum amount of 4ml / l.

Sensi Coco Bloom (Components A & B) is a unique 2-component fertilizer, which is coordinated by extensive field trials exactly to the needs of two-rise, resinous short tag plants and maximizes yields.
Thanks to the high quality of the ingredients and the novel chelates which are used, adapting the pH value is no longer necessary.
Because of the chelation, the plant has allowed a much wider recording spectrum of nutrients than other fertilizer lines as well as SIW thereby also tolerate higher amounts of fertilizer.

Extensive research (weekly tissue samples) led to a product in which the included amounts of micro and macronutrients are precisely tailored to the needs of the plant. Ingredients looking in vain in other 2-component fertilizers make the enormous difference in growth behavior during the flowers phase.

Sensi Bloom is estimated and used by beginners such as professionals.