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Tarantula is another milestone in the revival of the floor flora and the favor of the ground climate new in liquid form of Advanced Nutrients.
Only with a healthy soil life, the root can take a perfect symbiosis with the microorganisms and thus provide maximum performance.

Tarantula is the breakthrough for earth and hydroponic breeding media. A mixture of 57 different microorganisms, including bacillus, pseudomonas and streptomycetic actinomycetes, with 1.4 billion colony forming units' per gram.

Thus, Tarantula has the highest concentration of microorganisms worldwide. This mixture of various microorganisms forms a symbiosis with the roots in the rhizosphere, and thus arm the plant against the most diverse sources of natural stress.
Thanks to the high concentration, Tarantula is very productive and therefore priced in consumption. Tarantula achieves the best use in conjunction with Piranha and Voodoo Juice or another organic root stimulator.