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Alfa Boost

For the biological horticulture admitted plant aid for increasing the
Harvest earnings in the hobby and employment garden construction.
• Increases the yield, accelerates growth, strengthens the plant, protects against
Diseases, prevents distributions, reduces fertilizer consumption, optimizes the
Nutrient uptake, improves the floor, reduces stress.
• With the help of selected bacterial and fungal crops, biocases become
fermented for several weeks, so that their plant active ingredients
be open-minded. Contains triacontanol, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants,
Auxine, cytokinine, gibberlline, silica, salicylic acid, living bacteria and
Mushroom cultures, as well as micro- and macronutrients in traces.
• The product contains no mineral, chemical or synthetic
Ingredients and is free of genetically engineered organisms. Starting materials:
Photosynthesive bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, sugar tube,
Little herbs, water.
• Made and bottled in Austria. All raw materials are made by Austrian
and German bioproduzers.

Alfa Boost is a natural vegetable tool that is the fruit approach and the
Harvest yield of the plant boosts. Alfa Boost accelerates the maturation,
Growth and flowering time, on the other hand, shorten. It comes to a
Increase in the harvesting income as a whole.
Seeds germ faster and cuttings make up faster roots. The plants
develop quickly and reliably a well-pronounced root system, making them
are stronger and more vital. The susceptibility to diseases drops because the plants of
Reason for more resistant.
Alfa Boost promotes the soil life by providing dead roots in vitamins,
Enzymes, antioxidants and other regenerative substances converted. Thereby
arises in the soil a build-up milieu, which prevents rot and at the same time
Previous bending.
Contains: TriaContanol (accelerates the metabolism), enzymes (act as
Biocatalysts), vitamins (strengths the defense), antioxidants (neutralize neutralize
Free radicals), silica (strengthens the cell walls), salicylic acid (helps with stress),
Auxine (have a generally promotional effect, but especially on the
Root formation), Cytokinine (stimulate cell division), Gibberlline (accelerate
the germination), abscisic acid (regulates, etc.), the stomatency transpiration),
Bacterial and fungal cultures (optimize nutrient recording, prevent
Versandungen, improve the ground, strengthen the defense force), micro- and
Macronutrients in traces.