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Top Max is a 100% organic flower stimulus, which ensures explosive flower production and thereby for large compact inflorescences. This leads to a pleasantly sweet taste of the final product and a better nutrient recording of the plants. Top · Max ™ was specially designed for use with Biobizz® Graphs and contributes to nutrient transport through the use of Huminsäuren in an exceptional way. Humic acids arise over millions of years from deposits of vegetables and dirt. The main source are so-called Leonardite, the material with the highest organic concentration in the world. Leonardite comes from trees and plants that grew during the coal time 300 million years ago, blossomed and dropped. Fulfo acids provide healthy floral growth. They are made deep from the earth from particularly rich humath reserves and have a natural electrical charge, thereby attracting nutrients and minerals both from the microbiological soil and the organic fertilizer used. Due to these properties, Top · Max ™ is responsible together with the humic acids for providing old cells with energy and to promote the formation of new cells.