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Biobizz calmag

Biobizz Calmag was developed for professional breeders and hobbyists who need additional calcium and magnesium for their breeding.
CA and MG are essential elements for a healthy plant development and blossom as they play a key role in cell production and photosynthesis. CA / MG defects are common because you can not rely on tap water in today's world to ensure the correct mineral concentration.
Regardless of whether soft tap water or reverse osmosis water needs to be used, BioBizz CALMAG offers a 100% organic and certified solution for CA / MG deficiencies. This product gets the most out of our 100% natural ingredients and presents it in a formulation that your preferred growing program does not change.

Correct insufficient water quality and defects in a simple, controlled and natural way with Biobizz Calmag.