Cannabinno Mini Trimmer

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Cannabinno Trimmer Mini

Small but Oho! Robust, powerful and Swiss made!

The Cannabinno Trimmer Mini is a further development of the proven Cannabinno Trimmer Midi.
The most reliable cannabis trimmer in the world guarantees even with smaller reap always the best result. So comfortable personnel can save and win time.
At the same time, the refined flowers look like handworked.

- High occupational safety / CE compliant
- Trimmer can only be put into operation if all covers are closed.
- (rotating parts, except flower drum, can not be touched)
- Easy and fast cleaning
- Plexiglas cover
- Robust technology for long term
- Device tilt variably adjustable
- Residence time adjustable (including permanent cut)
- 3 interchangeable drum types (4/7 / 9 mm perforated size for dry or humid processing)
- Blade made of stainless steel steel, hardened
- All product-touching components are made of stainless steel
- Easy adjustment of the blade for a precise cut
- modular construction
- easy maintenance
- Mounting / disassembly without tools
- Device tilt variably adjustable
- Residence time adjustable (including permanent cut)

Technical specifications

Dimensions: B 29 cm x L 51 cm x H 32.5 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Flower drum: Length: 51 cm, diameter: 12.5 cm
Throughput (depending on the throughout):
Wet: from 8 kg
Dry: from 3 kg
Revolutions / Minute: 870
Power supply: 230V / 90W
Recommended suction power: 1.5 kW
Certification: CE-certified acc. Machine guidelines

All warranty services go via the manufacturer company Adec Solutions in Arbon. Repair acceptance of the devices takes place.


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