F-Max Soil upgrader

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Soil upgrader from F-max

You know it, after each cycle your earth should be replaced ... not anymore!

Soil upgrader brings her ground back to life. Due to the presence of microorganisms, bacteria, minerals, lime, yeasts and stimulants, the entire floor is reactivated. Sil upgrader also ensures that your earth gets an optimal structure that is important for the air-water balance in your floor. Available in 1kg and 5kg.


Fill in your pots with the Supbrat to 2/3
Next, the Soil Upgrader is added to the appropriate quantity
This is then covered with about 2-5 cm Earth (depending on the pot size)
The earth is then just moistened well and left for 24 hours.
The substrate is then ready for use

With the help of the supplied measuring spoon, the dosage is extremely simple, a measuring spoon is sufficient for a 10 liter plant pot.

1 measuring unit (about 70 ml) each 10 liters substrate