F-max top factor

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F-max top factor

Powerful, unique flowering and maturation stimulator based on amino and L amino acids for an explosive flower and the production of sugar for harder, heavier fruits and flowers.
Also contains the minerals CA, K, Mg, P and the trace element Cu, Fe, Mn.

- From the first flowering week until the end of the flowering you give 50ml to 100L. Week 6 and week 7 100ml at 100l. pH 5.8
- Use the used solution within 3 days.
- can be used on all culture substrates and with old basic fertilizers.
- Shaking before use, frost-free, cool and dark. Storage temperature 7 - 30 ° C
- Use residual quantities according to the application recommendation.

PK Fertilizer solution

Overall nick fabric (NH4): 0.42%
Water-soluble phosphate (P205): 3.37%
Potassium oxide (K20): 2,71%
Calcium oxide (CAO): 5.8%
Sulfur trioxide (S03): 0.66%