Ghe Diamond Nectar 1 L

Brand: General Hydroponics

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Thanks to its regulatory effect and ionic exchangence:

* It improves the recording and recycling of nutrients and minerals during growth.
* He gives the nutrients from all plant parts: roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.
* He offers the breeder the advantages of a natural biological fertilizer in liquid form.
* Whether in hydroponics or substrate, Diamond Nectar helps to a natural environment.

In conjunction with conventional fertilizer programs, Diamond's Nectar enables former and richer harvesting, healthy plants and grants them the taste and active ingredient quality they particularly appreciate.

Diamond Nectar is suitable for all crops such as fruits, vegetables, trees, decorative and fragrances. It is simply mixed with the nutrient solution for soil and substrate construction as well as hydroponics, or used as sheet fertilization.

Diamond Nectar exists in 0.5 l, 1 l, 5 l, 10 l and 60 l