GrowTool Grow Rack 1.0 Extension Set 55

Brand: Growtool

Product Code: 1001844

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Growrack Modular 1.0
Extension Set 55

The expansion set is that Growrack 1.0 / 25 rebuilt for higher Growrack 1.0 / 55. Raising the construction of 29 cm to 58 cm. The floor area of ​​100 x 100 cm remains.

More space under the rack for the use of other technology and supply media e.g. The water cooler Growcool Nutrient

Included in the set:

Aluminum carrier
Stainless aluminum square profiles in cross section 25 x 25 mm With a wall thickness of 1.5 mm
Plastic connector
Strong connectors give the carrier construction hold and stability