GrowTool Grow Rack 1.2 / 55

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Growrack Modular 1.2 / 55

Stable Fluttic substructure as aluminum carrier - plug-in system With plastic connectors. Dimensions of the construction 114 x 114 x 58 cm / LXBXH.

Suitable in all square grow tents with at least 120 x 120 cm footprint. Perfectly matched to our flutturb GrowTable Square 1.2.

Entaltic in the set:

Aluminum carrier
Stainless aluminum square profiles in cross section 25 x 25 mm With a wall thickness of 1.5 mm
Plastic connector
Strong connectors give the carrier construction hold and stability
In height Adjustable 6 thread feet or turntable for adjusting the rack tendency for the gradient to run the water in the flutturb