GrowTool Growsystem aeroponic 1.2

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Growsystem aeroponic 1.2

Complete, aeroponic rearing system for up to 34 plants on a floor area of 120 x 120 cm.

Closed irrigation cycle for permanent spraying of free-hanging plant roots with nutrient solution.

Included in the set:

Growdeck 1.2
Fluttic lid with integrated line system and spray nozzles
Growtool fluttable with pre-worked punch holes for accessible waste set
Growrack 1.2 / 55
Substructure as aluminum carrier plug-in system with plastic connectors
Growpump HX-8850
Pump system with suction pump, filter system and connection for the water pipe of the lid
Grow tank 180 L
Irrigation tank for nutrient solution