GSE Temp. & Min. Speed ​​Controller

Brand: G Systems GSE

Product Code: 11193

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New with big heat sink! Better quality.
The minimum speed controller is a temperature-dependent speed controller for ventilated spaces for one or more exhaust fan / en. The minimum speed controller keeps the room temperature constant and prevents the shortcut of the set minimum speed. It is easy to use, the desired temperature and the minimeal speed is set with two buttons.

The minimum speed controller is supplied as a unit and is ready for use. This reliable fan controller comes completely in a waterproof housing, plug with folding lid and a digital small tension sensor, which makes it the perfect controller for moist spaces. The sensor is supplied with a 4 meter long cable and can be extended up to 50 meters if necessary.

Sizes and technical data:

Housing: BXHxD = 130x80x70mm
FanController: BXHxD = 145x100x90mm
Designed for: 1x600W / triac 1x16a
Volt: 230V / 50Hz
Digital sensor: 5V, measures temperatures of -55 ° C to + 125 ° C (-67 ° F to + 257 ° F)
0.5 ° C Accuracy from-10 ° C to + 85 ° C
Protection class: IP54