Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

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If you give your high-quality crops the Bud Ignitor, he immediately transfer the entire energy that has brought their plant into vegetative growth, directly into a massive inflorescence. After changing the light cycle, their plants begin within 5 - 10 days to make fruit buds.

In addition, the special ingredients promote shorter intern modal lengths, so they get more buds per centimeter branch. And these buds get bigger, poet and rich in essential oils because they start with a big head. The best of everything, Bud Ignitor does all this because its formulation consists of 100% clean, non-toxic ingredients.

He has the correct mixing ratio of phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients that make their harvest succeed and increase the yield. Earlier and larger harvest per year!

Application: 1st and 2nd flowering week
Dosage: 2ml / L