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Calgreen, cement for the cells

Calgreen is a very special product containing a specific nitrogen calcium compound. This connection is a block for the cell walls of the plants, resulting in a more compact, heavier tip.
In addition, this product protects 80% in front of most mold and gathering diseases.
An additional calcium content in the medium causes the ions and other nutrients to be easier to solve from the colloids and thus the plant can have more building materials.
CALGREEN consists of very high quality basic materials and can be mixed with any metropic product.

With MR 1, MR 2 and CALGREEN, the breeder has a first-class fertilizer series, which promotes the formation of a highest possible root system and a strong plant tip and thus the highest possible yield on each medium.

Calgreen is a high-quality plant extract that contains all macro and micronutrients that are required for growth and flowering on each medium.

. Improves visibly the nutrient intake of the roots;
. Guaranteed a tactile strengthening and greater rigidity of the tip;
. Ensures a measurable weight gain of the final product;
. Ensures sufficient magnesium content for optimal chlorophyll and
. Protein synthesis;
. Contains no harmful dyes and is not diluted with water: a product
. Made of purest basic materials. Therefore use with a low conductivity;
. No durability;

With nutrient-rich soils give this solution 1 - 3 times a week; For nutrient floors or for hydrocultures fertilize daily with this solution. Pour the plants daily as needed. Do not dose too strong.

Add calgreen to the tank last.

Store this product on a dark and frost-proof location.

For eye contact of the focused on eye, rinse with water immediately.

Shake containers thoroughly.

Keep away from children.

As an alternative to Metrop we recommend the CrystalTop line.
As a nutrient salt in pure form, he toptes metropic in terms of transport weight and durability. It does not come to crystallization even in case of warehousing over longer times.