Rooting gel 1000ml.

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Rooting Gel 1000ml by Cutting Edge

The Rooting Gel Cuttin Edge is a new natural root gel made of 100% cold algae extract.

Rooting gel is a natural root help for cuttings. Through its gel-like substance it remains effective at the plant tissue. It covers the interface and supplies the plant natural hormones, vitamins, trace elements and other important nutrients that promote growth and accelerate rooting. Cutting Edge Rooting Gel can be used for all root media and plant species.
The ingredients of Rooting Gel are recovered from the Eastern Atlantic. The algae used are harvested at a season in which the knottang grows rapidly and is rich in hormones. In production, the algae for the gel form is micronized without damaging the growth-promoting nutrients. The gel contains a natural preservative for protection against unwanted bacterial growth.

Rooting gel is obtained from organic and renewable resources. The harvesting method does not have a negative effect on the natural balance of the ecosystem. Market tests have proven that Rooting Gel works better in everyday use than other competing products. However, if the product is exposed to higher temperatures over a long time, increased spore and bacterial growth can be observed, but which does not affect product quality. Simply remove the spore layer before further use.

Purely natural plant extract from knottang
Stronger cuttings and faster root formation
Higher survival rate
Simple application
Is effectively liable to plant tissue