Sanosil S015 disinfectant 5 L

Brand: Sanosil Ltd

Product Code: 17804

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Sanosil S015 is a disinfectant concentrate for use in
Water systems. First class effectiveness combined with health
Safe active ingredients make the Sanosil S015 for one
Top product for private and professional users.

In dosed state, the Sanosil S015 is also for plants
Safe and can be directly for the prevention of concentrations
Added to the nutrient solutions of the Hors-Sol production.

Sanosil S015 is preferably used in:
Drinking waterquipment
Legionelle's control
Water tanks e.g. in camper, aircraft pipelines
Emergency water preservation
Automatic irrigation systems

The drug concentration of the product is below the hazardous goods limit,
Special transport and storage regulations are therefore not necessary.