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Calcium and magnesium are the main ingredients of Advanced Nutrients Sensi CAL MAG XTRA. The magnesium containing supports the chlorophyll production of your plant extensively and is thus strongly involved how good your plant can absorb the incident light. Calcium, on the other hand, is the basic building block of cells and is therefore the starting point for healthy and strong growth.

More detailed: Calcium is necessary as a component of the cell walls for important processes such as breathing, cell division and cell extension necessary. It stimulates important membrane-bound enzymes and can even reduce the harmful effects of, for example, sodium in the root area. Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra also contains micronutrients such as iron and 20 L-shaped amino acids that make sure that each nutrient is maximally exploited in Sensi CAL MAG Xtra.

The application of Advanced Nutrients CAL MAG XTRA is recommended in conjunction with osmosis or distilled water.

Application and dosage:

Hydroponic application in deficiency symptoms: once 2 ml per liter of water. If necessary, repeat the following week.
Leaf fertilizer: in deficiency symptoms once 2ml per liter of water. If necessary, repeat the following week.

Attention: The dosage of Advanced Nutrients is based on a start of EC value of 0.0. Tap water usually has an EC value of about 0.5. Therefore, if you pour with tap water, we recommend starting with half the dosage.
The dosage can then be increased slowly until the optimal area is found for your plants.