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VertiMec® contains abamectin, a drug derived from a natural soil microorganism. This active ingredient is obtained fermentatively from an actinomyzet ("radiation mushroom"). Abamectin is an acaricide / insecticide acting on contact and recording (when sucking). It also has a depth effect, that means, the active ingredient penetrates into the sheet after treatment and remains effective there for a long time against fressing and sucking pests. Vertimec is fluid, odorless and leaves no spray stains.
Abamectin is characterized by a high efficiency at low cost amount. A high level of activity is achieved above all against thrips, spider mites and mini-fly larvae. Less effect is generally achieved against leaf lice, as they suck on the phloem (guide tissue). Abamectin inhibits the pulse transmission between the nerve and muscle cells. Pest
Quick paralyzed, the suction and frosting activity and die after 3-4 days. Due to the novel impact principle, spider mites and insects are recorded, which have developed resistance to other acaricides and insecticides.
VertiMec® works against all the absorbent stages of the spider mites and thrips, and prevents or interrupts the larval bass of mining flying. In addition, a significant reduction in fertility or ability to eurfane in female, which come into contact with the active ingredient, was observed.
Features appeals to the eyes. Precautions on the pack absolutely pay attention. Toxic for bees, bumblebees and fish. Toxic for predatory bugs and predatory mites. On bees and bumblebees Vertimec is no longer toxic 24 hours after disposable.

Packs 250 ml, 20 x 250 ml

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