Windrad Energy Ball V 100

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The Energy Ball is a highly efficient and at the same time very nice energy resin system.
The special design was chosen with intention and optimized in wind tunal tests to increase performance with the help of the Venturi principle.
With a normal windmill only 80% of the rotor surface is used. The reason for this are the air circlips on the wing tips.

The Energy Ball is used by the Venturi principle the attack surface as if it were 20% larger, as a so-called behind the attack surfaces.

Two more effects achieved by this design are the very low sound pressure level, which is completely superimposed by the wind, and also the disturbing impact shadow (optical effect) occurring in wind turbines is avoided.

The electricity generator is technically up to date, since neodymium permanent magnets are used here. These magnets are the currently strongest permanent magnets on the market.
All this makes it possible to achieve this performance with a small attack surface.

Installation of the Energy Ball ® V100

The Energy Ball ® is preferably installed on a mast. The Energy Ball ® V200 is connected to the network by means of an inverter. The generated electrical energy is directly in the inverter, which use the energy for exports you put into the network by a simple power plug. ERGO, no adjustments of existing electrical installation required.

The ENERGY BALL ® V100 is always installed and in close contact with an official home energy supplier.

Price Self-inventory without mast.