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Der richtige Dünger für Cannabispflanzen: Ein Leitfaden für gesundes Wachstum

The right fertilizer for cannabis plants: a guide for healthy growth

Fertilger plays a crucial role in growing cannabis plants. It delivers essential nutrients that are required for healthy growth and optimal development of the plants. In this blog post we will examine why fertilizer is important, which types of fertilizers are useful and what differences there are in the requirements for the different growth phases of the plant. With our help, find the right fertilizer for cannabis plants and make your growing project a success!

Why is the right fertilizer important for cannabis plants?

Like any other plant, cannabis plants need a variety of nutrients to grow and produce healthy flowers. As a rule, these nutrients are not available in sufficient quantities in the soil, especially if they are potted plants or plants in artificial substrates. The right fertilizer for cannabis plants therefore provides the missing nutrients and thus supports healthy growth, improved resistance to diseases and higher earnings quality.

Which fertilizer makes sense?

There are different types of fertilizers, including organic and mineral fertilizers as well as liquid and solid forms. When choosing the right fertilizer for cannabis plants, it is important to take into account the needs of the plant as well as the personal preferences and the cultivation approach of the breeder. But let's take a look at the differences between organic and mineral fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer for cannabis plants

Organic fertilizers come from natural sources and deliver nutrients in a slower and more even way than mineral fertilizer. They promote soil fertility and microbial life in the ground, which can lead to healthier plants in the long term.

Mineral fertilizer for cannabis plants

In contrast, mineral fertilizers consist of mineral salts and deliver nutrients in a quickly available form. You can be a good option if a quick reaction is required or if organic fertilizers are not available.

Different requirements for different growth phases

The needs of the cannabis plant change during its growth cycle. Therefore, the fertilizers should also be adjusted accordingly. Fertilizers for cannabis plants during vegetative growth and in the flowering phase are particularly important. However, the same fertilizers are not recommended.

Vegetative phase

During the vegetative phase, cannabis plants need increased amounts of nitrogen to promote the growth of leaves and stems. A fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content is ideal in this phase. These fertilizers are particularly suitable in the phase of vegetative growth:

Flowering phase

In the flowering phase, on the other hand, cannabis plants need less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium to promote the development of flowers and fruits. A fertilizer with a balanced ratio of phosphorus and potassium is recommended during this phase. Here, too, we have put together a few recommendations for you. The following fertilizers are specially developed for the flowering phase of a cannabis plant:

Find and order the right fertilizer for cannabis plants now!

The use of the right fertilizer is crucial for the successful cultivation of healthy and profitable cannabis plants. By understanding the needs of the plant during the various growth phases and adapting the fertilizer accordingly, you can improve health, vitality and quality of your harvest. Whether organically or mineral, the right fertilizer can make a significant difference in the cultivation of cannabis plants.

At Growbox you will find a large selection of mineral and organic fertilizers in liquid and solid form for different phases of growth in your plant. Look around now and find the right fertilizer for your requirements!

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